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RENOVATE TO PROFIT provides a FIXED PRICE and FIXED TIMEFRAME renovation service to ALL investors whether you are a home owner, trader or property investor.


Sharon Trafford Director of RENOVATE TO PROFIT has been investing in property for 9 years in New Zealand. She currently manages her own tenants and makes a point of creating a nice enviroment for them to live in. When carrying out a renovation on a property you should be working to a budget to ensure you don't over capitalise on your properties. You would be surprised how many clients do not have a budget in place prior to starting a renovation.

Sharon Trafford can help you with the following:

  • Sharon will meet you onsite and discuss your requirements, she will look at the property as if it's her own and provide recommendations on how to get the best value according to your budget. She encourages all her clients to liase with Real Estate Agents and Property Managers. If you are renovating to sell you should be asking what the property is worth in it's current condition and what would the property be worth if  'x' amount of '$$$$'s was spent on it, the Real Estate Agents will tell you what the target market is for the property and what the target market are looking for. When renovating to rent find out what your rent is likely to be once the renovation has taken place. These key factors will help you regarding your budget and the scope of works  
  • When renovating a rental property Sharon usually requests that the property is vacant as the renovation can be carried out in record time with no problems. If you cannot live through a renovation and have tradespeople in your space 24/7 then why would you expect your tenants to. It's ideal for the renovation to be carried out in between tenants or when you have just settled on a property with vacant possession. With all renovations a timeframe is provided and whilst the renovation is being carried out you can be advertising for tenants that are ready to move in the day after the project has been completed. It's as simple as that!!  
  • Sharon will take control of your renovation from start to finish with her excellant management, communication and organisational skills. She has a team of registered tradespeople she works alongside with on all renovations. Sharon understands how long specific areas of work take and visits the sites on a daily basis, she liases with tradespeople onsite to ensure the renovation is carried out on budget and on schedule.  
  • The secret to successful renovations is keeping it simple. Choose colours that blend well together, don't go bold go neutral. Leave the emotions behind, you will not be living there. Be realistic about what you are trying to achieve and have a realistic budget, remember it's not the fixtures and fittings that cost it's the services.  You should also be liasing with your accountant and solicitor regarding company structures and what you can and can't claim regarding expenses. This will have an impact on your budget as to what work you will and won't undertake. If you are working fulltime do not attempt to carry out a renovation, leave it to the experts that can do it for you for a FIXED PRICE and a FIXED TIMEFRAME. A property investor that knows what works.


  • Carrying out a renovation in your family home whilst you are living there can be a very stressful time especially if you are managing the renovation yourself. You can come up against a number of obstacles that will test your patience and cause major disruption to your day to day life.  
  • Sharon can remove the stress from you by project managing your renovation, she will schedule and organise all the tradespeople to carry out the work in between 8.00am and 5.00pm Monday to Friday which means you can carry on your day to day life knowing that your renovation is in safe hands and is well underway.  
  • Sharon will discuss your requirements with you onsite and bring in the relevant tradespeople to make your dream renovation come true.










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